My arm shouting love at the center of the world

Hobby people, Do you have music? I do not always let go of the music from.

10 sheets of music is stupid enough to buy the album in January.

Or MONOBRIGHT, are you particularly Horekon Dr.

Is per DOWNER.

And “Nozenmai life” of 9mm Parabellum Bullet, “beauties of nature” of SEKAI NO OWARI, sleepy.

Has recently listen to “Mother Goose” of the Ad.

Last Sun v2 ~ 3 I was listening while moving into luki Walkman and listening on the radio that you like, please try to just listen.

It is a famous piece of music is “pathless road” of luki.

I’m not really famous .




One fellow college seminar seems to be pressing only hear world music artists.

In karaoke is the type you are putting the center of gravity to be enjoyed by everyone than to sing.

Says that people like SMAP Mulhouse Mulhouse pa pa AKB48 is good and carry.

Or is “Cutie Honey” Koda Kumi and bullet “Love” workshop Berrys are listening to when you want to issue a fine.

My boyfriend has graduated from college in the United States I like foreign songs.

Now checks the CD at Tower Records of Western I also 30pcs.

I became addicted to the savings that can be a good pace ♪ English is going to be good just by listening ♪ is James Iha, how I put the money in hobby a little more? I’m supposed to feel With that said, let’s buy it erhu.

Does like this, do not you play with me so if you are interested you too huh? V Gil was Omoitatsu?

Full Impact domination crushed pat

I am a company employee of two-day weekend! It is a miss miss weekend.

Weekend alone ♪ you want to be of value, when you can not go out ♪ I look forward to the day or to the gym ☆ sunny, the hobby more ♪ you or over the video site, I enjoy confidentially ☆ weekday Na is full filled with work want to increase the room but I would take quite messy.



Weekend, I’m working hard to clean! If you look at the rooms are tidy, (laughs) Friday well ☆ We do clean, I want I prefer that to be with someone too ☆ We then can go to see a movie with friends Sun heal ☆, I I’m in my favorite! Today Show in My cat out much together, and somehow made on Friday! In feeling, instead of (‘・ ェ ・ `), on weekdays Monday is bad but I was also really hate cats (laughs) I do not leave around me.



I also have five days to go until .






Obon holiday melancholy or go to the location of the first to play the beginning of the week ☆ is quite far, when I was enjoying (laughs) student life, there was no more than the ratio of the full vacation time.

God holiday or festival! Please return me to the students! I want to scold them at the time (laughs) have been relaxed by the way (laughs), I am good at was the one who accumulate homework math (laughs), I have to or less than 1 hour one question (laughs) including, well, summer vacation (laughs) Na said it was a valuable experience or drive.

(Laughs) .



my son was to cavort with students glue, because I had been lazy holiday, because without standing before regret (laughs) I want to properly teach the precious holiday ☆

The “old” Students know what many movies or something

At breakfast, my wife was making lunch, I was asking about the daughter of waking up.

I do not know? “” Yes people do not Hanami bento I do! “” More good in a small voice.

Also go to lunch and sip, you’re different.

Well I think well, I thought I was in high school.

I say, great – nay, there are quite a lot.

Around Makunouchi is no reaction.

I wanted to say something.

I do not care about other people’s lunch.

When I said patronizingly, “It secret sugar taste is” son, word whispered, “Hey do so.

” It is true.

I became so raise the voice instinctively, sponge cake.

As soon as I saw the contents, I became a tight stomach.

Voice came from earlier “crikey amazing.

” Is better than I am still without daytime.


There ‘s no くう only.

Son heard it, “he decided to lie.

” Do not even mention it.

I say to trauma.

Lunch I thought, I hope is fried.

Unlike the scent out something that I’ve just described.

To say that parents and teachers because it was someone you do not listen at all, ask, and, make me, me, I did not say stupid.

This is me You’re the only secret.

The Yankee, what is hate lunch.

Do I want to bring my lunch as well.

But I said to my wife, “and I is very difficult,” it will say.

Have confidence in it.

I tried begging mom I ~.


First of all, pork cutlets.

Daily lunch time you’ll no longer aligned.


I think if the girl is doing all diet.

Excessive dietary restrictions, hey have you been.

The two major concerns of a woman that “I do not want to get fat” of man and “thinning”, or would not it exist problems of time lived.

Way of diet, there are a lot.

I was surprised and I wonder why there is such a diet book.

Are you kidding? I think such a diet is widespread.

I also have to say “grapefruit diet”.

If you lose weight it is fine? I am worried.

Normally, such a large Lafayette’s called law, there is a sense that is linked with the supplicant.

People who want to lose weight, I hope you take this food.

I continue to eat the same thing every day, can you eat on a daily basis that this food, I can take the nutrition low in calories? I am lucky to have become a natural and healthy slim if you ingest it instead because it is made of supplicant selected materials.

And so I think that there quite a few diet of Anhui Commercial Code supplicant.

Still, I think it’ll work this time! And, but I would catapult to buy.

All in all, the demonstration of the weight is down, I still work hard, to become ideal.

Among them, the mind I gotta come out you will not fall at all weight homeostasis effect will work out.

And I is not the age of the seal was also satiation diet.

Was beyond the original weight lightly.

Diet and rebound is like a married couple.

Dietary restriction is not feasible, there is a sense of frustration not only ill.

The current I, want to diet can range.

I want to continue recording diet.

I’m not just recorded.

It is On’noji If we maintain the status quo.

the temptation of eating, the diet that is right for you at a leisurely while sometimes I think we lose the best.

If, and I think eating sweets.

Seisuiki surreal

Not it is also famous for Maldives.

I I have never been.

First, I want to send e-mail to a friend Yahho First of travel plan was to kneading.

I want to read at the beach in front of the hotel.

About 10 days, it is a plan to slow.

Even though Japanese people can not enjoy a vacation, you do I can do? It is not true.

Well, somehow.

I hope to also get a massage.

It is just the beginning Tofu, for this.

I also want to yacht racing.

Nephew’s foot race sunfish and water.

I is said to be reckless, Solo.

Since I’ve never traveled abroad, and anxiety, but bit by bit come creeping, when you want a chance to go, I go.


Wow fun enough, even before it is executed.

Became comfortable airplane, buy a lot, so every time the lottery, there is no so much savings.

I do not know the difference between Austria and Australia, I’m not able to calculate the currency.

From a friend, was signed the story of my plan.

I also can not understand English grammar Good luck however, if you do not drink the juice of garden weeds caught in the morning, I feel worse.

First, the water you local? Can not be trusted.

If you do not eat rice for breakfast over eggs, one day I will never begin.

The analog gain waterproof, wristwatch, no.

Because it is necessary.

Laugh, and if this is not.

On, more and more, but embodying plan, how can go.

Imagine yourself standing in the ocean blue, I’m drunk.

Because there is a big goal, but I do live.

And try not to get depressed, by jogging, or build up stamina, taking the supplements, he has care of your health.

Recreation in there so that you can, and you do not hear the CD sell to a friend, in the year after next, I’m going to the money.

Benefits of makeup

What is the benefits are said to make art and many people are now very convenient to use.

Never fall even wash your face even if the shower even in the bath because they are stained to put color into the skin as the benefits of permanent makeup is, because it is not you’re using cosmetics first There is a benefit.

It is resistant to sweat throughout the water so that it can be said, of course, have the advantage that you do not have to worry about eyeliner and eyebrows fall even if you go to go to the hot springs pool.

I also lead to bills I can reduce the time cosmetics makeup makeup than usual, because there is no need to buy cosmetics.

Is characteristic of the art that there are benefits also make natural-looking finish than the make-up makeup, and seem to feel natural.

Person other than the originally thin eyebrows that these benefits make the time and can also help you to solve the trouble that thin eyebrows.

The advantage is that if you want to quit in the stop cycle come from, also can continue if you want to continue a few years also.

There is also a benefit because at that time varied according to the age of makeup and on a case-by-case fashion at that time, I do not necessarily identical to the permanent.

Makeup has many benefits in this way.

A person with a permanent makeup is like some people at first that it was a little hard to get used to, I was really easy to say that you become familiar with.

Understanding the big picture of the legendary mystic chamber cleaning at 14 days of emergency book

When I went to an electrical shop, were you have a camera I bought was stale ☆ I’m fine.



What old pictures ♪, Will it classic pose (laughs) Hurray something that would be grinning camera, so I’m going to use a lot? (Laughs) Although it is leave to save the digital camera very well that gotta laugh and look at it later, I ♪ I Ali, shop stationery neighborhood ♪ I have the album pretty floral also I stick to the album such がり Nde Mendokusa ♪ I bought in, though it would accumulate in fine ^ ^; .



(laughs) Oh sorry, the other day, I was called to do with our friends wedding! Or scene (TдT) cake cutting, because it is the day of commemoration (laughs) that was most earnestly gotta take めっちゃ splashing was impressed! (Laughs) (laughs) .



I feel like crying photo like that have bought a kitten (laughs) hide secretly I would become a straight face super always am I in the photo ☆ you think you want to edit, and I’ll send it to a friend, I do want to take a lot of pictures out small! Out of the child, as a response (laughs), on the day of the celebration ☆ I like it I tastefully prairie photos (laughs) take and hold out the rice So~tsu are you not move when I SUCK I’ll go all the way to the studio shooting! Hey There seems to be a lot of technology.

I also childhood ♪ I want to be a good photo Na, I was not as familiar as the pictures were now.

Hey, when are you ☆ Rakuchin is not now flow, also take a photo and send it to everyone on your phone.

You or I would take moving pictures in the future!

Shock or are just some bloggers, but for dessert

I wish I miss something sweet today because I was tired.

So all are familiar with the taste of cake shop in the town, Rifupai ♪ I love sweets, jelly, banana cake .






I laugh but it will also “eat well – do not get tired so much” ♪ happy just think, I do not get tired I could.

When not eating sweets half a day, the body does not it? Let me restless.

What what any sweets tasty, I have to eat to be able to explain to human consciousness.

Junior became assigned to the same division last year is that people “NO!” Something sweet.

When we have something sweet souvenir, I look subtle.

I go to dinner together, so I do not ask for dessert only, I’m always awkward and I have kept you waiting.

Also hate even likes sweets, but does not change the relationship.

Well, do you have a lover or marriage partner to you? I eat 2-3 pieces together the cake every time you meet boyfriend v v stance to something that Ki Isul ー it, but I’m such a sweet singles with me.

Next is what I was sent to live like that ~ v Hey Love Will Eat two people.

It is a tragic story, I was fat and plump (tears).

Bad, but I think this forbidden line of clothes out of the body (sweat).

You do not change even just a little exercise to senior department of the original in the locker room? And I was advised.

There is no irrefutable (tears).

I think because they want something sweet to eat and save the stress, and let’s not accumulate stress.

to the trot, I want to be able to digest calories when you walk! You will be fine until the size is about the bottom of the S go on if you want to do something! I want to eat something sweet life while much quarrel with him, “What a delicious it”.

Oh, I eat something sweet after all No, I (laughs).

Only the love of something sweet, Is that the meaning of life.

Hit incredibly!

Likes and dislikes of the meal, there are many.

I can do anything delicious.

However, because there are many weak husband, menu is in trouble.

Even those you hate, because it is their favorite food husband, honest I’m sorry.

For I love, sashimi is so bad husband at all, and it does not serve the meal.

But I still want to eat once in a while, I eat in secret to my husband.

Child’s likes and dislikes of food has changed with the times.

That said, while saying, “vegetable” when children are of age, does not it? Hate.

Do you know this story? Dasa was making in order to spread the vegetables to children hate vegetables, is Popeye.

In order to eat vegetables, but I have devised Korashi.

Interestingly, it seems there is a boom also hate vegetables, carrots are good at, grandmother’s childhood, the generation of Mom celery, bitter gourd child is useless now.

I heard that.

Vegetables should be changed to take into era passed, delicious children hate vegetables, easy to cook, vegetables bad, might be delicious vegetables.

I, I do not think an unbalanced diet, and it is impossible really only Getemono.

Even no matter how delicious, insects out.

The punishment of eating in the game, but I hate that.

This is horror.

So, when I look at the program of eating Heta-butsu, I am nothing but horrible.

I think I do not I do what Nakya far.

eater, I’m really sorry.

Because it can not be looking very, I turn off the TV.

“It was found that die tomorrow, what? Would you Meshiagari” question of this kind of love become fodder for chatter.

Shanghai specialty grilled or small basket parcel, or Kibiyakku, or takoyaki.

What one thing have you seen from eating.

When it comes to my favorite food, it is a mother’s homemade stew.

Must be a liquid diet in the hospital, I want to eat a lot.

What do you want to eat?

Killing law into cul-de-sac of houses

Field would care to poor living environment, one typical of the “killing” shape, a house located at the end of a cul-de-sac you will like.

A feel good, and there are no sharp, no weak nor strong, is a lively air for people to feng shui.

In the town, the air is flowing conveyed the road, and sharp as strong as the spear, houses at the far end of the they’ll be decent to them, I feel that as shown in the figure below, the “place” of cul-de-sac gives birth, the bottom Feng Shui teaches that is likely to harm the health easier for residents and also very easy to mentally embracing a sense of insecurity.

There are some houses that I heard at the end of the cul-de-sac is not hard to find a buyer, as a real estate agent would cry, everyone when you buy real estate, once thought to actually visit, regardless of feng shui.

It is estimated that the flow of energy end of the cul-de-sac of Feng Shui at this time and go to “place” bad, story is not willing to move forward without feeling good feng shui.

To sprinkle on top of the spear-like excitement outside the entrance door, as a method of killing mosquitoes, let’s put a convex mirror 八卦.

Also, toward the tip of the sword to kill a single crystal, there is also a method of killing into relieve the excitement and fill on both sides of the entrance gate.

Pathologically Feng Shui is the most effective can be on both sides of the door of entrance porch, the rest can put pots plants and foliage, soften considerably excitement, and do them together.

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