Many secrets of hard currency company selling grand havoc

There was a Labrador retriever and a small eye passing through the front of the pet shop travel destination by chance a few days ago.

I wanted to keep.

I say talk to everybody and went back to the house from which my wife said, “I guess they look exactly care.

” Called “probably impossible Year” daughter.

My mother and I “.



even in the emotion of the moment buy.

” Favor zero.

In the past, there was such a thing.

It has been said more than once to his wife, “No me walk even late at night, but early in the morning and”.

What about the cat? Ah, but toilet.

What about crocodiles? It is impossible for consultation.

Or tropical fish that so me and everyone OK.

To clean the water tank is Who? Once, did I have a pet goldfish.

At first, I’ll have a water quality management, too.

I noticed there were no fish.

I was told my mother was asked “What fish?” And “a long time ago But another sim? Did notice you mean now” and.

Oh, Jan has rabbit.

Evening, seems noisy because such nocturnal.

What do i do now? I’m also good bird.

For cleaning of the cage is a little ant problem.

Hour, minute, elementary school, there was supposed to Java sparrow within.

I was often have off the wings, out of the basket.

It was pretty cute.

However, one day.

Father and I bumped into some kind of rhythm.

Was lost.

The poor thing myself.

“Is it? Hell” What, exactly.

Yeah unlikely father.

It was noticed that the pet frog without me you will not do anything.

What am I saying now.

Owners because it has the power of life or death.

Legal instructor

Civil servants are eligible socializing with people is particularly required.

In the capacity of legal instructor, for some people, because their qualifications are not suitable for some of the things still challenging, it is recommended that you aim to get the related information from the survey once.

Instructor qualification that is legal, and its been working for the boy to juvenile detention center and juvenile classification of each Regional Correction Headquarters Ministry of Justice, has committed a misconduct, national civil servants whose mission is to let the boy return to rehabilitation.

Qualification examination, a person under the age of 29 at least 21 years of age on April 1 of the year exam ①.

Under the age of 21 ②, and so those who completed (scheduled) courses Technical College, technical school, vocational training in the short term large.

Exam pass rate is about 5%, but the pass rate is also slightly higher when viewed from the civil service qualification test of the most difficult.

So, If you want to aim to pass surely I think aims to pass either a decent chance if it is to take advantage of the course seminars and correspondence courses.

In the employment of qualified juvenile classification utilizing the reformatory and each of the Regional Correction Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice.

This is substantially higher than the general civil service salaries.

Guidance and recreational lifestyle guidance, business protection perspective, the content of work utilizing the qualified guidance and edification by making full use of expertise together with to stabilize the sentiment to protect the custody of a boy who was referred in, you can receive a trial with confidence I do.

Expose all of the attention stimulation Angel

I bought the camera> were you using before the w <) with photo frame, the thing why (laughs) half is not a face Niyake right? Best day (laughs) that has been used up card of a digital camera I'd like to keep a photo of a cat (laughs) immediate burn (laughs), but I will (laughs) so even Kujike Cha hella shaky, I yawn or take only the foot began (laughs) I have a feeling that art photo of fruit I can go to the photo studio photo of sunny days (laughs)! Partition is impressed with the photographer's talent!ー I would not take so much How do I get well.

I take the photo, the late Showa, I felt it was awkward to.

And only recently, but it is amazing or even anti-shake technology.

I’m many things have evolved! Someday, I would be able to scribble or to photos! Oh! Longer!

Course (prison officer)

It is hard work, I do not want to do the work of “prison officer” is that those who want to do the work in contact with the people in the true sense of the term? Since civil service jobs, and those who are doing a correspondence course, but also in the course of the seminar course there are many, are interested can join now and get an education is possible.

This credential of prison officers, prison and juvenile prison, the civil service through guidance to the inmates, so as to achieve their social reintegration, and the various treatment performed.

Qualification exam, 29 boys under the age of 17 years or more in a single day in April Exam A ・ ・ ・ ・ prison officer ●.

● under the age of 29 and women over the age of 17 on April 1 of the year exam B ・ ・ ・ ・ prison officers.

In the pass rate of at least twice the course of civil servants and other 15% to 20%, in person if you studied firmly a long period of time through a correspondence course seminars and courses, the pass rate of the exam passing score is almost true no doubt qualification.

In addition, about 12 percent salary has so many common than civil servants, why do not you try this respect also aims to obtain? Become prison, jail or juvenile detention center and in the job of taking advantage of the qualification.

Job Description Taking advantage of qualifications with a mission to be the person who has the rigor and kindness were housed sin, such as through guidance to Nayamigoto advice and perspective of things, ideas, and guidance as not to repeat the mistake again, I take on a job of security guard, prison and other detention centers together.

Then, it is possible to take at about 200,000 yen in the half-year course schedule is available but I attend the course.

In addition, in some places, so I think that by correspondence course and seminar courses are a discount, and I may decide to also check that effect.

Systems Administrator

Person referred to in the people who are trying to learn the computer, and want to get to the level of qualification being taught to people, especially Systems Administrator is recommended.

Because I have answered most of the people who are actually qualified “simple, profound knowledge of the world of PC deepened yet” because, said.

In business, qualified Systems Administrator this that (sysadmins Beginners), the national qualification the promotion of end-user computing in the sector, taking advantage of the knowledge of the use of the computer, to certify the ability of the management system, such as operational efficiency is.

Pass rate is about 30% of qualification, such as pass most people put the study period of a few months, has been recognized as a qualification is not difficult from most people.

Thinking about surely want to pass, I recommend that you attend a seminar you are doing in the short term, such as intensive study course.

Taking advantage of the current situation in the employment qualifications, although some places qualification allowance comes out, it’s tough employment only in this qualification.

If you do not have this qualification in some companies, but some can not be expected promotion, promotion.

From the perspective of a user of the system in the enterprise, with the contents of the work taking advantage of a credential, we make recommendations to the raised and requests such as a system administrator.

Alternatively, this qualification is to take advantage of human helper or also unfamiliar to the PC.

Also, if you have a sysadmin beginner, or get to leave the audit work of the system, some companies preferential treatment, because it is qualified to be advantageous when changing jobs personal future, the people that he will seek the direction that can put people 云 employment credential is you want to keep.

I think too much effort is elated recently

I might like shopping than the average person! There is no order or mail order program! Too many things to say, and that pay the rent for the things I am not an exaggeration within the, um (laughs).

Darling, yo I do not have to buy me Good so far though it looks like this; ^ ^ do not laugh.

Shopping aligned couple are rare! Though I do not particularly care to! And very rarely go together, I also write Yu (laughs), so I’m not good at shopping companion for your housewife and his friends face that would have been pretty tired.


‘s Or using the air something, but sometimes I wanted to eliminate the overbought (laughs) Mendokusaku honest, it was swinging in frustration (laughs), Ne is vain (# ? Д ?) I bought something in the unconscious candy.

I am not limited to have even more.

Since the stereo components like but does not immediately or even if you want to buy! Although it is worrying to say the place (laughs) Is that pretty good man of the house rather than an extension of a house gotta hump (laughs) has gotta be required.

I think I’m supposed to be .



this origin.

Whew! This is nasty! The Cha made (laughs) subterfuge, by trial and error everything! Or buy the cheapest shop! I’ll get in trouble later was innocently eating a snack became a pinch! And also to throw myself (laughs) I’m pretty good this is! While there is no level I truly, I love shopping quite like his mother.

Na had bought me many things very well even now in retrospect.

In the old days, the situation seems like it had to splurge めっちゃ There was no department stores or even that much.

I think that made me to be in love with me shopping so I guess because like my mother.

Let’s not take the shopping (? Д ?) Awawa .



to walk the same path I have a healthy baby .




Technical Engineer (Embedded Systems)

If you want to work as an engineer in the system that can not be hard to take in the people, the job, what (Embedded Systems) Technical Engineer? Companies and has the qualifications to say, and just adopt it, a company that has hired a trial period, so it takes a lot, it is a qualification that can be surprisingly effective utilization.

Qualification to certify the ability of the planning and management of the development process (including system and LSI microprocessors, memory, control circuit, etc.

) technical qualification of the engineer (embedded systems), embedded system.

Qualification is pass rate, pass rate is quite low, about 10-12%.

However, I am a success in the first attempt.

Hurdle can play well if you put the period for acceptance and qualification study very hard.

It is to take advantage of employment qualifications and related companies based system hardware and electronic system is central.

I often just means OK if this qualification because it seems that there is a hands-on experience.

Job Description is to leverage the qualifications to perform the design and development of electronic devices incorporating information systems, operating systems, microprocessors and LSI.

Once you have acquired as well as some of the above, because the qualification that can be also utilized in the design of electronic devices, it can also be employed as an engineer in electronics related companies with high growth potential.

And, because it’s qualified higher pass rate slightly in professional advanced, because it is a highly qualified popular as qualified to take even during his tenure, some IT boom in recent years, he try to aim to get as well in that regard What about.

Adios, play

Have you ever kept your pet? I would say, I have to keep one pet cat.

I did Yuzuriuke (laughs) from a friend in trouble-chan ☆ endless mischief of a boy of American curl.

It is named “彦 cat!” I am fascinated about it or that I’m pretty much hairy tail ☆ Im glad to Pinto (‘▽ `*) ☆ cute name because it became my father put me! Years old, is about 5 years old.

Ne I was quite nervous child ☆ We are living, first together for a long time.

I like that I めっちゃ meat; ^ ^ but also a time that is not yet healed even now! I have been crying begging Meowing! I like to play with sound bag ☆ Kashakasha I’m talking to is also sometimes, as soon as I find out, I will switch to play mode! I hear the sound of the motor and run away with Sutakorasassa refrigerator.

I is poor, I struggled quite a bit or sharpen claws is interesting looking at the pillar .




Nde feel about it without us, not to scold Shikareru; before (‘Д `) is scary animals! I was thinking I do! I do not think I was even downright cute! Now is Hetchara at all! Rather love! However, the frog will not change! Is not a joke! It is a little tough .




I have an image bohemian.

My cat.

I thought I came here, it is over-capacity but I want to try to cut (laughs) ー dog is feeling up to the example of a dog owner Betabore to (laughs) Stasta gone somewhere.

I’m useless And there was a cat called AIDS, and you do not properly care too! If I’m biting my child Tsu, and try take me to the hospital! There are times when the poor, instead of the belly is not back! It is also a great many things a lot, living with a cat ‘s great! Well, today we gotta wonder if raising the favorite ☆


Wear when performing yoga, because it does not say this in particular is determined, easy to move, I would choose the software may not tightening the body of such material.

We may be good because I think yoga is because the movement is often flexible body, and doing yoga in a hard material, such as a pair of jeans, and difficult to move and tighten the body, choose the hardware of jersey material easy to move no.

There is also a shop that also sells as Yogau~ea, has been sold to fit your body like leotard and easy to move, as well as also spats.

I think people who want to buy Yogau~ea, but there is also a place which is sold with the yoga goods such as yoga mats in sporting goods stores, such as mail order, and want to select Yogau~ea earnest various kinds of more I think if you have, because there is also a shop that specializes in Yogau~ea, and I hope to buy there.

Alternatively Yogau~ea has been sold as many places dealing with such dance costume, because there often are sold in common hardware, such as ballet and pilates, and find sites specializing in system dance there.

I think if you wear yoga wear only do easily at home, and have enough that I wear that jersey, etc.

so that they do not put strain on the body.

I went to school to become a yoga instructor and yoga classes in earnest, you may want to have one outfit to wear only yoga.

In that case, will choose the one that fits your body.

My arm shouting love at the center of the world

Hobby people, Do you have music? I do not always let go of the music from.

10 sheets of music is stupid enough to buy the album in January.

Or MONOBRIGHT, are you particularly Horekon Dr.

Is per DOWNER.

And “Nozenmai life” of 9mm Parabellum Bullet, “beauties of nature” of SEKAI NO OWARI, sleepy.

Has recently listen to “Mother Goose” of the Ad.

Last Sun v2 ~ 3 I was listening while moving into luki Walkman and listening on the radio that you like, please try to just listen.

It is a famous piece of music is “pathless road” of luki.

I’m not really famous .




One fellow college seminar seems to be pressing only hear world music artists.

In karaoke is the type you are putting the center of gravity to be enjoyed by everyone than to sing.

Says that people like SMAP Mulhouse Mulhouse pa pa AKB48 is good and carry.

Or is “Cutie Honey” Koda Kumi and bullet “Love” workshop Berrys are listening to when you want to issue a fine.

My boyfriend has graduated from college in the United States I like foreign songs.

Now checks the CD at Tower Records of Western I also 30pcs.

I became addicted to the savings that can be a good pace ♪ English is going to be good just by listening ♪ is James Iha, how I put the money in hobby a little more? I’m supposed to feel With that said, let’s buy it erhu.

Does like this, do not you play with me so if you are interested you too huh? V Gil was Omoitatsu?

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