Specifications secrecy revelation diet, provided ○ ○ a little too excited that it is also interesting

I think people hate alcohol, and that lose life.

Of course, there are days when I do not drink, it is a mouth which should unexpectedly.

I was told the family to such like that, and bad liquor.

Why not? I’m a metabolic syndrome.

My stomach seems to Doraemon.

I’ve gone to junior high school reunion recently, I was told? “E” in bad company.

Do for you, please let me know and even what.

Therefore, the metabolic syndrome, since it increases the risk of heart disease, such as, he is human beings around the “thin us.

” I was only slightly reduce the amount you eat from that.

It is really the, no signs of any change.

My wife says that diet is not the cause of the house, and my stomach’s out, I wonder not because of the alcohol.

After all.

Then yet.

There are times when there is no way I wanted to eat sweets.

Chocolate cake.

Suites also did not eat what is before fairly.

I could not stay away from the department store has gone into the pinch sweets.

But these days pass before’m looking forward to the cake shop though.

Sometimes I jelly and sake.

Once upon a time, people can have such relatives, and I believe it.

Because it was satisfied with it myself as long as there is wine, I’m never eating.

Oh, here is the problem.

Which one of you is fat plus sweets and drinking alcohol only.

Do not you stop short, the salmon I asked my wife.

Rubbed it like that?

The most important thing in a simple

I am very happy.

I try to say why? Since there is no place to say this sick.

Even some very unpleasant day.

It is something that even calamity befall anyone.

Although it’s a long time ago, were cut off in traffic violation ticket to cop.

I did we stop where you should not park your car there is a situation that was very difficult.

Officer, by reason, with Uta ash can be managed.

Silence while I think, if I were really amazing.

To some circumstances, it is bad I will pay the fine, but sorry.

Sometimes, by the professional relationship, even some that would boil down to others.

Sometimes annoyed his wife.

I want to say at such time, have Eh, and annoying.

There is also the fact that aloud clearly.

Even such, I can clenching happiness.

You really do me so happy? No wonder firmly.

Yeah if Kagire to me.

I do not know I mean, but she is likely to say things like that.

Happiness is different from the criteria of course by human, but of course trap.

Not a few people who would be happy to obtain fame.

As a result, the Kano people, I do not even happy to get something different.

I think I am very sorry.

I’m happy that people say what you want to get everything.

It will be fine weave.

I will be spending woven Despite the hardships.

Would be to some people, I never felt happy even once.

It would be very painful.

Simply what is the way that I live.

It’s all so, it is very unpleasant to be forgotten without a problem.

Carries well.

Point feel the happiness is there.

In the end, I would say that it is necessary to feel the happiness spite of the misery is so simple.

Therefore, I would be able to achieve a sense of well-being even in really trivial.

The significance of genre evolved collection

Or there is a theory that some of the hunting instinct collection.

Some have old coins, such as wine, the price is amazing.

So thoroughly ordinary people, I gather scary, I like the act of collecting.

Collection of favorites, though interesting, it is intended to help or not.

I think if the great collectors hard.

I want to be caught in the antenna バンザイ.

The table lists the number of stone at the entrance of the Neighbors people.

I have a cute little boy smiling with a stone is round.

I looked up and I’m stone seems to be referred to as “stone-producing” child.

They are available in craft as well.

I’m addicted to the charm of the stone go this way.

It is also what you say yourself, but mind is wider, and did I sympathize deeply was earwax collection.

When the elementary school, my brother went to a summer resort in the country, was distributed was of Colossal earwax.

I showed him to mom and “stag? Mom, of this new species.

” As expected, male elementary school is the strongest.

There were things I, without me Who knows, if I have gained Gandhi really like! I will be.

It is nice, even the crown of beer.

I’m become Zokkon where people are obsessed.

I messed up Masu uke or “do not understand”.

I found an interesting hobby like looking at a person with an unusual collection, I can talk to my friends.

Or Goshuin.

Things as it is, to the average person does not even bring me to pick up antique store.

However, to become addicted to things I do not need that is exciting.

I mean it, I keep a number of rare collections.

I think the smell of Jun Miura and still amazing.

The grinning.

The flavor of the mother’s back not reported

And have breakfast and staring, his wife, and I threw a question towards the eldest son in a loud voice while making lunch.

“People are just convenience store lunch?” “Do not know” I think appropriate.


The well thought out well in this word, I was a student was skinny.

I was saying, great – nay, only cut once.

Don grilled ginger.

Homeroom, it was a horribly negligent.

I’m disappointed.

Son was saying like “lie” to me that was revealed, “I use the soy sauce” good secret.

I’ve had confidence.

I feel that something bad dream that I did, the only vegetable salad.

Closed the moment you open the lid.

Voice leaked “crikey amazing.

” It’s horrible.

But I ate while hidden.

“Grandma, I’m funny,” his wife, and laughing.

I have not ん r frame.

Devil creeping into my mind.

I looked appetizing ultra sandwich.

It was delicious and there is a volume or ham or pork cutlet.

I did not speak for a long time with my mother, and such, I want to eat, but could not.

Filial piety is yet to come.

What is my wife, do you think the lunch.

Lunch during work, you can not do pretty good? Do you answer Nantes wife told me to make a lunch? Or “Oh dear.

” Are you crying to my mother.

I will do so anyway.

First is memorable, Makunouchi in this or that.

Well, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Alcohol peace in my sleep

I like drinking.

Of course, there are days when I do not drink, drink very much.

To be unpleasant, I received a liquor ban.

It is is not it.

I have been referred to as metabolic syndrome.

Belly is huge – say that they, for example.

I was told I have attended a college reunion a week ago, the homeroom teacher, “Do fat”.

Of course I am also surprised.

I have to say about the metabolic syndrome has been talked about in various places, loud enough to be acquainted with all the “skinny” because they can be a risk factor such as high blood pressure and myocardial infarction.

I tried to eat less in it.

Only a little.

In spite that, but I’m not skinny at all.

I told my wife, cause fat would not only be considered liquor.

Is that so well.

Else, I want something sweet to eat indiscriminately.

Or Daifuku.

It was not good for the large sweet things a little more in his youth.

I also hated pass before something sweet shop.

All it except the corner of Suites I was looking forward to.

I’m pretty kick pudding and sake.

I used to think when you say such a thing to be acquaintances, and quite strange.

I like myself because it was just alcohol, was not at all that you have food in your mouth.

It is, however, the depression eat and drink only drink alcohol, sweets Which is good for your health? And clearly, both bad and make your wife ask.

Fucks sake

Yoga Diet

You will be if you keep a daily diet yoga.

One who had a successful diet yoga too.

In the wake of he first started because it was content because it found the book of yoga with a DVD at the bookstore by chance, to buy, I met in yoga, simply yoga for only 10 minutes a day, that you can diet was.

10 minutes a day, was continued for six months each and every day, there was no constriction around the waist, I was clean belly that can be constricted in about a month for the first time, had come out Pokkori a little while watching the DVD of yoga I mind.

You may also notice that the attitude was better since I started yoga, I also feel like there was a diet effect on its own.

There are reasons why it is said that yoga is good for losing weight and many, many yoga moves slowly move your body, you are an aerobic exercise.

Because it has been trained with natural muscle, become more active metabolism, and it can lead to diet.

I have been told that doing yoga, and become a constitution that does not gain weight who also was a constitution constitution is to be improved, and waste fat and was easy to build up until now, to eat also.

People to incorporate more yoga diet, but some people attending yoga classes, because it can easily at home, there are many people who would have tried every day while watching a video or DVD.

Where the menu offers a diet program also has increased because yoga studio, is not likely to continue on their own people, I’ll try to find I can.

The story of the people who pull his life to fool compatibility

What is not it delicious Japanese food! ! I wound out the eggs, .




Irresistible! Koo! (laughs) In Japan, there is a food Ne various book Innovation is not an exaggeration to say that live to eat.

Ne I wonder that because they built for everyone is not it ☆ love both children and adults such as tonkatsu shop? It is such a delicious feeling from home! Well I’m awesome, though the story of many of my dishes now! What is white rice! ! Kazuhiro allow us all in! Simple is best, I ordered steak, I also ordered a rice Absolutely! Also around, no one likes rice so far! I’m surprisingly fit (`;; ω ‘) I also like to suggest that even over a rice gratin (laughs) to friends ☆, but it does not try hard? Ne does not fit and rice Suites truly.

What or yogurt and rice! ? Sweetbreads (laughs) but I Ne same carbohydrate do not want to eat at all delicious.

It is a strange mon.

Speaking of which, in private, I’m too hot miso something! ! And ☆ It is the relationship between inseparable, Japanese, so you can use a cup of food to feel a sense of the season, just ♪ Ne is a good place, seasoning and this Japanese ☆ Ne mon savory leaves, the salt is also there What It’s slightly more likely that a small disadvantage! I appreciate that it is Japanese (* ^ ー ?) is a good one, Lets ー Japanese food Japanese food taste even if there is still a lot of disadvantages such Well!

Off-the-record information for free drink openly

I like very much for your sake.

It is not always just drink all the time.

Do only pretty heavy drinking.

Heaven is said to be in trouble wife, will reduce the amount of liquor, and you.

What do you Yarakashi I did? What metabo-chan.

It’s either incredibly belly.

I was told the friend, “the old days was to Komaka~tsu” and took out a face but in about a month before the reunion for the first time in a long time indeed.


In, such is not around and persistently say “You lose weight:” It ‘Metabo guess is, since it increases the risk of heart disease, etc.


I’m a little is to reduce the amount of rice why.

But I can not see a change.

Wife is asserted that, because I definitely all liquor.

It may indeed be true.

In addition Hey.

Sweet things I do not absolutely essential.

Razak waste.

Before the split and did not eat sweet things no matter what.

Could not believe that human beings love sweets.

Recently, I like it I do not believe myself.

Sometimes I jelly and sake.

I thought it was such a long time ago and the combination has been determined to lie.

Happy as long as there is wine, I did not eat their own anything.

It is, however, Which is what fat is to drink without eating anything and the drink with something sweet.

I was told, and the source of fat either way I asked my wife to the palace.

Oh my god!

Interestingly commotion or simply that some bloggers

Thing so-called collection is an image figures, such as Vinyl, is likely to steal Moe Lupin.

Timid person, so really, you do not collect the stuff, is not eager to see the collection.

Collection of Jun Miura is worthless even good in general.

I think I’m okay if there is what someone really feels the people are gathered.

I want to check things are more rare species.

There are children of neighbors showed me, and stone round.

And “I’ve had to the coast”, told me that my next.

According to a hearing, it is likely something called “stone-producing” child.

I woke up to the beauty of the stone.

I know that something is interesting stone.

I said, “Well, what to do” but is a way of saying, it is really quit! Strong life force, I thought is that insect.

It was about the size of a laugh when last year, was the son of a friend of the grandmother went home to escape from Tokyo to Kumamoto save power.

And “There are also black bug Tokyo”, .



the array of insects in the cage.

I did not have to make the sample! I think.

Apart from cases like this would be the closed world of their own, something that is crazy, sounds and Jean chest.

It is also a good cell phone strap.

fascinated by the place where people have become obsessed with something.

You gotta not amused or simply “too interesting”.

I feel I want to write in my diary and find the unusual collection.

Or ballpoint pen.

Without the passion of its people, is through, like naff.

Important to make that kind of garbage that I’m not been answered.

For that reason, a special collection to collection of the house I like that is a hobby.

Funny collection of system character “loose”, I would like to extend our collection in the future.


I’m happy.

Its not.

Since I have a decent living.

May want to shout aloud.

Would not have people in my life do not hit any obstacle.

As might be 2-3 days, I was caught while driving a car.

But because you’ve entered the no-entry road, policeman, the song ash and I, but I was able to pretend not to see.

Rather is it? But I thought, I did not say anything.

Went wrong but myself, it can not be helped.

Even some that work, once in a while, Don and clogged.

May quarrel with his wife.

I’m want to become really good, and get a life.

In fact, you may want to regret after they say.

I still say, but I’m happy with.

What do you really be happy with it? Can be positive.

Are limited to me.

No, so that people do not think, I would bet a lot.

Because it’s not that I have the same standard of happiness, well, it is a most.

Some people think that, by the fame happy.

Those people, you can not enjoy the happiness that completely different.

No, I’m sorry.

I would definitely go in person and say that happiness in their hands for the first time in many, even such a person.

Do you not have a hard time struggling every day.

You feel happy even once, and no.

It would be very painful.

It’s motto is Simple is Best.

It is so, it’ll be easy to forget unpleasant.

It would be very grateful.

Anytime secretly, we need to think yourself happy you will be in that did.

In short, it’s necessary to feel happy that you are simple.

So you do, eh? I’m happy to be felt even in things like that.

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